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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

This website is administered by AsiaAddress.com, e-mail address [email protected]

1.    Services

1.1.        AsiaAddress.com offers virtual office, and company formation services (hereinafter the Service or Services).  Descriptions of the Services are provided on the website.

1.2.        By ordering Services from AsiaAddress.com website you agree to AsiaAddress.com terms of service (hereinafter terms of service).


1.1.        Upon the expiry of the Contract the Client loses the right to use the virtual office service provided by AsiaAddress.com in any way or form.

1.2.        The Client undertakes to change the legal address in the commercial register and notify business partners of the change of the address on the day of expiry of the Contract at the latest. If the Client has not changed its legal address in the commercial register within one (1) month from the expiry of the Contract, AsiaAddress.com has the right to submit an application to the commercial register for the deletion of the Client’s incorrect details from the register and to claim a contractual penalty from the Client in the sum equal to one (1) year legal address annual fee.

1.3.        The Client undertakes to notify AsiaAddress.com within seven (7) working days from concluding the Contract via e-mail the names and contact details of the persons who are authorised to receive the Client’s post and promptly notify of the change of the person authorised to receive post.

1.4.        Upon expiry of the Contract AsiaAddress.com is released from the obligation to provide legal address and virtual office Services, including receiving and forwarding the Client’s post.

1.5.        AsiaAddress.com total liability is limited to the amount, which equals the amount of one (1) year of the virtual office service fee paid by the Client.

1.6         AsiaAddress.com can never be held responsible for mail that do not get delivered.

1.7         After your mail has been scanned, it will be stored for 5 days before being shredded if we have not been notified before.

1.8         All Services offered on AsiaAddress.com is for one (1) year with a three (3) month cancellation notice. A renewal invoice will be sent one (1) month before the first Service year expires. Should the Client not cancel the Services three (3) months before, AsiaAddress.com still holds the right to another yearly fee.