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One year virtual address in Hua Hin with mail scanning

  • 150 USD

Get your Hua Hin Virtual Address for only approx. 5200 THB PER YEAR.  You may know this service as "Virtual business address Hua Hin" or "Virtual Busi

Get your address today!

Get your Hua Hin Virtual Address for only approx. 5200 THB PER YEAR. 

 You may know this service as "Virtual business address Hua Hin" or "Virtual Business Office Hua Hin". 

We offer a cheap virtual address in the wonderful holiday province Hua Hin! Our virtual address in Hua Hin are for individuals and foreign companies that wants to have their base in Hua Hin but travels, are on the move a lot or simply just want to get verified by Google. A Hua Hin Virtual Address is therefore a great service because you can then always be sure that you get your mail and bills in time. 

Some foreigners in Thailand and Asia are known as FIFO (Fly in Fly Out) and might not be home that often to check on their mail or if they are expecting an important letter. To them we can say: Do not worry, it is in your inbox!

A residential, virtual address that can be used for individuals or foreign companies is a great way to establish a presence in Hua Hin, Thailand.

What is included in 5200 THB PER YEAR for your Virtual Address in Hua Hin:
- Open, scan & email of max 25 pages per month  (You can add more pages per month at the Checkout)
- Use of your unique Hua Hin real street address on your website, business cards etc.

For foreign companies, having a Virtual Address in Hua Hin, Thailand is a great way to internationalize your company, gain credibility and attract more customers.

Please note that AsiaAddress.com will only email you your mail, we do not offer walk-ins in our office to pick up mail due to privacy of our customers.  However, should you receive mail that you really need to pick up, it might be possible but you need to contact us before.

Pick-up your mail during our opening hours:
Our shop is open during the day and evening which means you got all day and evening to pick-up your mail from your mailbox.

Many customers ask us if we accept packages. 
If you are an existing customer and are expecting a package, it is many times possible for us to accept the package and then you can pick it up or if you want us to forward it. Note that you need to contact us before and ask if this is possible otherwise your package will not be accepted.

We really care about our customers privacy. All out-going e-mail is send via an encrypted e-mail service. 

If you are going to register a Thai company in Hua Hin.
At the moment, you cannot register your Thai company in Hua Hin with us. This will change in the future so we can accommodate all of our clients.

How we work:

1) We get your mail
2) We open it
3) We scan it
4) We e-mail it to you

AsiaAddress.com do not want to be a co-working space. We are your Hua Hin address and we take care of your mail. Simple.